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                      OPENED LETTER                              

Dear Our Potential Customers!

First of all, Goodnet Company  would like to send our sincere greetings and deep gratitude to Customers who have cooperated and supported us all this time.

The simultaneous development of the industry technology and the economic affiliation is the strong growth of demand in using industry technology and official accessories as well. This is also the mission of GoodNet Company.

In order to supply the office machine devices and optimum network solution for business in operating these systems stably, effectively and safely with the cheapest costs, Goodnet Co.’s motto is that we surely satisfy our valued customers via our the best solution in network system and the best quality of office devices.

Moreover, the  friendly, motivated, experienced and professional technology team is also the competitive advantage of Goodnet in serving and pleasuring the customers.

With a reliable and resilient cooperating spirit and comprehensive benefits brought to our partners, we believe that there would be a potential opportunity for Goodnet Co. to cooperate with our customers and our partners to develop more and more strongly and affirm our position in the domestic and international market.

Best regards,                                                     

Goodnet’s Board of Directors